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problem at hand:
i want to set the value of a variable to a particular value but before i do it i want to know what is the current value of this variable?

for example in emacs if one wants to find out the value of compile-command then one simply has to do the following: C-h v and then hit enter/return followed by the variable in question i.e.

C-h v RET compile-command

since i don’t know much of vi/vim i did not know how to do the same in vimperator.

let’s say i want to find out what complete is set to, just write the following in command mode

:set complete?

thanks to housetier @ #vimperator @freenode 🙂

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first things first … i m trying archlinux and am feeling more close to the gnu/linux spirit than i was with ubuntu at the same time i have started using vim … anyways the topic of this post is easy keyboard navigation on special pages such as a google search results page or when browsing forums or bbs.

  • google searche results page :: when you have to go to the next page of search results u have to use the mouse and often i do navigate up to 10 pages or results and this is tiresome and hurts my palm a lot 😦
  • google picture searches and picture gallery browsing :: when you have to go to the next page of search results u have to use the mouse and often i do navigate up to 10 pages or results and this is tiresome and hurts my palm a lot 😦
  • forum/bbs browsing :: some threads are several pages long and here again to navigate between pages the mouse needs to be used.

fortunately i discovered the next please firefox addon which is a lifesaver for me. i strongly urge u keyboard junkies to try it out.

another tip to help your RSI and CTS woes is to keep the mouse to the left of your keyboard and try and use the left hand. the design of the keyboard is such that the numeric keypad and the home key, insert key etc. come in the way of reaching the mouse so that one has to move a greater distance with the right hand. there is not much on the left hand side so the left hand movement is smaller. more over its a good idea to switch between the right hand and the left hand when using the evil mouse. this will distribute the toll thus lessening the overall danger.

btw the use of an ergonomically designed mouse of any other input device is highly recommended if u r on the net a lot!

  1. next please firefox addon
  2. archlinux
  3. RSI
  4. CTS

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the title of this post is a misnomer but that is what i thought when i first encountered the problem.

i use xmarks to sync web bookmarks in firefox across different computers. i also happen to use stumbleupon to discover new sites, but i do not use stumbleupon as my bookmark manager. for my bookmarking needs i really use google bookmarks and the gmarks firefox addon.

for many days now i used to log in to my stumbleupon account through their webpage as i did not have the stumbleupon firefox addon for some reason. but these stumbleupon guys kept pestering me with frequent messages asking me to install the addon, also i upgraded to firefox version 3.6.2 and upon upgrading i was automatically taken to the mozilla webpage where i saw the stumbleupon advert which sort of sold the idea of the addon to me. so i installed it and began stumbling…

i noticed that when i favorited a web url in stumbleupon xmark automatically added the site to its favourite … now this was puzzling to me but i could not locate the connection between stumbleupon and xmarks.

vexed with the ongoing situation i posted a question over at stumbleupon’s forum hosted at getsatisfaction.com and simultaneously sent an email to the xmarks guys. well thanks to the power of communities a helpful post at the stumbleupon user forum solved my problem.  thanks Gladsdotter 🙂

turns out that there was no unholy alliance between stumbleupon and xmarks. there is a feature in stumbleupon addon that also dumps the favourited url to the firefox booksmarks folder …. and that is why xmarks picks up the favourited url for syncing with other computers.

all i had to do was to do this:

Go to StumbleUpon toolbar > Tools > Toolbar Options >  Search & Tagging and then  uncheck “Save favorites & tags to a Firefox bookmark folder”

that’s it!

so you see it was not xmarks fault at all.






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i m a big fan of not using the mouse wherever possible. the fact that the short cut key `v’ in google reader opens the original page in a new tab in foreground is a massive annoyance. googling for solutions to that annoyance have thrown up a grease monkey script, a firefox tweak and a firefox addon. but i really really wish that this was part of the settings page in google reader itself. i opted for the firefox tweak though for ease of use i would advise the tab mix plus addon, anyways…

  • open a new tab in firefox ( hit Control+T )
  • write the following in the address bar and hit enter


  • in the filter field write the following


  • locate the property


  • double click to change it to true
  • that’s it you are done 🙂

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I primarily use the Firefox browser for all my Internet surfing purposes. I also spend a lot of time in Youtubeland watching videos and then I download to my harddrive some videos for safekeeping. I mean what is the point in wasting bandwidth by watching the video in your browser each time. Say you like a particular TED talk and want to watch it again some days later or you like a particular video lecture and want to refresh your understanding of it then its much better to save it to hard drive rather than watching it again in your browser.  Of course if you have a limited hard drive size or you don’t have access to your computer at the moment then its a different issue altogether.

Here are the steps then:

  • Install the Firefox addon CacheViewer
  • Restart Firefox
  • go to Youtube and watch any video of your choice
  • after the video has played launch CacheViewer from the file menu
  • a window will pop up where you can search for your file
  • look for the MIME type :: video/flv
  • that’s it locte and save the video and you are done !!!

basically the CacheViewer addon is a graphical front end to view the contents of the Firefox cache. You can also check the browser cache from within Firefox by typing


in the location bar.

I used to watch videos on line on youtube page and then if I like it download the videos using keepvid.com bookmarklet. But this mean’t downloading the video twice; first by the browser and then by keepvid.com bookmarklet. When the video sizes are large this would lead to a waste of bandwidth.

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I loved the firefox extention Super Drag and Go; unfortunately it is no longer being developed. Instead I found its replacement which does the job for me. Its called QuickDrag and allows me to do the following three jobs that I use often.

  • select an URL ( e.g. https://awhan.wordpress.com ) and drag and drop it to load it in a new tab !!!
  • select a text and drag and drop it to start a search in a new tab
  • drag and drop images to download them

well that’s it what I use it for and I like it a lot 😀

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